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From: Josh Hursey (jjhursey_at_[hidden])
Date: 2007-08-27 10:33:26

Jeff asked me if I would talk to Rich and folks at IU on Friday about
the performance graphs. Below are my notes from that meeting:

- It would be really useful to 'zoom' into sections of the graph.
Primarily restricting the x-axis (Message Size), but also having the
ability to restrict the y-axis (time)

- Calling the y-axis 'latency' is a bit misleading, maybe 'time'
would be better. Minor issue.

- Torsten mentioned that he was interested in seeing the other skampi
data that we are throwing away. Namely the time-per-rank. And if
available communicator size.

- Torsten mentioned that he wants to add some non-blocking collective
test that he is work on. I told him to contact Jeff on how to do this.

- We need a well defined way to see what collective implementation
was used. Meaning that there are N AlltoAll collective
implementations in the 'tuned' component we need to know when looking
at the graph which one of the N we are looking at for Open MPI. For
other implementations we don't have so much control.

- It is difficult to search in the reporter for queries like:
   Open MPI run with only tcp,sm,self ; Intel MPI (which is only tcp
I believe) ; MPICH2 with tcp
   results from running the skampi Bcast benchmark.
The reporter is designed to track a single MPI well for regression
tracking. However when we need to compare multiple MPIs and each may
need to be selected with a different type of query it is impossible/
hard to do.
One solution I proposed was using the 'tagging' idea, but there might
be some alternative UI features that we can develop to better support
these types of queries. Tim P seemed interested/had some ideas on how
to do this.

- They really liked the ability to look at the HTML version of the
raw data. They seemed frustrated that the popup window is reused when
looking at multiple HTML versions of the raw data. They wanted this
to be a static window that they could keep open so they could look at
multiple variants of this data in small screens.

That was about it. They thought it was good over all, but the above
were suggestions on ways to make the representation more useful.

-- Josh