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I recently got access to a very interesting and powerful machine: Dell 8 core + GPU Quadro K5000 (96 cores).
A total of 1536 cores in the original machine configuration.


GPU cores are not real cores so I am not sure your count makes sense :)

I installed first HWLOC 1.7 version and I also installed the newly released beta 1.8. The final installation lines report PCI (linux) CUDA.
However, the commands:

Lstopo —whole-system and lstopo —whole-io

report only the 8 CPU-cores. No reference to PCI-Bridges, eth0, seas +++ and the GPUs.

Is the installation of the machine the problem or is my 
./configure —prefix=/usr/local/hwloc

missing some vital elements?

What kind of Linux distribution and what kernel version is this?

Please run "hwloc-gather-topology --io myname" (from hwloc 1.8) and send the corresponding myname.tar.bz2 that it will create.
Note that this command may be a bit slow. Also the generated tar.bz2 may be big, so feel free to send it to me only since it may well be rejected by the mailing list.



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