Le 09/11/2013 01:33, Jiri Hladky a écrit :
Hi Brice,

I have bumped into the following issue:

This works as expected:
utils/hwloc-calc core:0-1 -H pu
PU:0 PU:1 PU:2 PU:3

Now intuitively one would expect this to work as well (as supported by taskset/numactl commands)
utils/hwloc-calc core:0,1 -H pu
PU:0 PU:1
Unfortunately, ",1" is silently ignored.

hwloc-1.8rc1 does better:
$ ./hwloc-calc core:0,1 -H pu
invalid character at `,1' after index at `0,1'
ignored unrecognized argument core:0,1

Somebody got the same issue a couple months ago. That's why I've added these explicit warning in 1.8. NEWS says:
  + hwloc-calc and friends have a more robust parsing of locations given
    on the command-line and they report useful error messages about it.

However, I would vote for the format

to be supported and being equivalent to

object:index object:index1 object:index2

What do you think about it?

It's annoying to implement because the current code was designed for (nested) loops only. Given that object:index1 object:index2 is easy to write, I'd vote for not making the code too complex.


Thanks a lot!

On Wed, Nov 6, 2013 at 3:06 PM, Brice Goglin <Brice.Goglin@inria.fr> wrote:
The Hardware Locality (hwloc) team is pleased to announce the first
release candidate for v1.8:


v1.8rc1 is the first milestone of a major feature release.
It adds PCI discovery on Linux without dependencies on external libs,
a new API to manipulate differences between very similar topologies,
multiple improvements to command-line tools, and more.

* New components
  + Add the "linuxpci" component that always works on Linux even when
    libpciaccess and libpci aren't available (and even with a modified
    file-system root). By default the old "pci" component runs first
    because "linuxpci" lacks device names (obj->name is always NULL).
  + Add the topology difference API in hwloc/diff.h for manipulating
    many similar topologies.
  + Add hwloc_topology_dup() for duplicating an entire topology.
  + hwloc.h and hwloc/helper.h have been reorganized to clarify the
    documentation sections. The actual inline code has moved out of hwloc.h
    into the new hwloc/inlines.h.
  + Deprecated functions are now in hwloc/deprecated.h, and not in the
    official documentation anymore.
* Tools
  + Add hwloc-diff and hwloc-patch tools together with the new diff API.
  + Add hwloc-compress-dir to (de)compress an entire directory of XML files
    using hwloc-diff and hwloc-patch.
  + Object colors in the graphical output of lstopo may be changed by adding
    a "lstopoStyle" info attribute. See CUSTOM COLORS in the lstopo(1) manpage
    for details. Thanks to Jirka Hladky for discussing the idea.
  + hwloc-gather-topology may now gather I/O-related files on Linux when
    --io is given. Only the linuxpci component supports discovering I/O
    objects from these extended tarballs.
  + hwloc-annotate now supports --ri to remove/replace info attributes with
    a given name.
  + hwloc-info supports "root" and "all" special locations for dumping
    information about the root object.
  + lstopo now supports --append-legend to append custom lines of text
    to the legend in the graphical output. Thanks to Jirka Hladky for
    discussing the idea.
  + hwloc-calc and friends have a more robust parsing of locations given
    on the command-line and they report useful error messages about it.
  + Add --whole-system to hwloc-bind, hwloc-calc, hwloc-distances and
    hwloc-distrib, and add --restrict to hwloc-bind for uniformity among
* Misc
  + Calling hwloc_topology_load() or hwloc_topology_set_*() on an already
    loaded topology now returns an error (deprecated since release 1.6.1).
  + Fix the initialisation of cpusets and nodesets in Group objects added
    when inserting PCI hostbridges.
  + Never merge Group objects that were added explicitly by the user with
  + Add a sanity check during dynamic plugin loading to prevent some
    crashes when hwloc is dynamically loaded by another plugin mechanisms.
  + Add --with-hwloc-plugins-path to specify the install/load directories
    of plugins.
  + Add the MICSerialNumber info attribute to the root object when running
    hwloc inside a Xeon Phi to match the same attribute in the MIC OS device
    when running in the host.


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