I think I've seen cases where the device-tree contains 0 for such line sizes.
I guess we should document that the line size is 0 means unknown.

Can you send the tarball generated by hwloc-gather-topology ? (send it only to, in a private email)


Le 27/02/2013 23:11, Erik Schnetter a écrit :
I am running hwloc 1.7a1r5312 on a Power7 architecture. I find there a level 2 cache with a cacheline size of 0. Is this to be expected? The documentation doesn't say that determining the cacheline size may fail.

I query the cache parameters from my application with these results:

Cache (unknown name) has type "data" depth 1
   size 32768 linesize 128 associativity 8 stride 4096
Cache (unknown name) has type "unified" depth 2
   size 262144 linesize 0 associativity 8 stride 32768


Erik Schnetter <schnetter@cct.lsu.edu>

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