Hello Erik
I am not a pkgconfig expert but my feeling is that this has buggy for a long time. hwloc.pc.in should likely use HWLOC_LIBS instead of LIBS. On my machine, it makes Libs.private change from -dl to -lm -lnuma here (with -lpci -lxml2 depending on the config). We also need to check whether -ldl should be kept because of plugin support too.
Can you change LIBS instead HWLOC_LIBS in hwloc.pc.in, rerun configure, and try again?

Le 04/01/2013 04:50, Erik Schnetter a écrit :
I just installed hwloc 1.6 on a Linux Red Hat system. libnuma is required for linking -- I receive linker errors if I omit -lnuma, and I see that -lnuma is listed in libhwloc.la under "dependency_libs". However, pkgconfig/hwloc.pc does not mention libnuma. It does mention libpci, though.

Does this sound like an error when hwloc.pc is generated, or am I misunderstanding how pkg-config works? If you give me a pointer, I'd be happy to try an provide a patch.


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