I have an application is supposed to work with both windows and linux.  To that end, I downloaded hwloc, configured and then included the hwloc header files in my application.  I dynamically load the libhwloc.so library and map the functions I need.  If libhwloc.so is not there, then I can still run but give a warning.  However, I have run into a problem.  hwloc.h includes a whole bunch of other headers, one of which is config.h.  And config.h is specific to how the library was configured.  Therefore, when I attempt to compile my application on windows, I get an error about missing pthread.h file.  This is probably one of many differences. 


Is there a special hwloc.h and supporting headers that is system independent so I can include them and build on both windows and linux?  Or do I need to have two different sets of header files, one for linux and one for windows?   Perhaps I just need a config.h for windows and one for linux and select them at build time.



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