Ask nvidia to make their cuda driver free, and to add them to sysfs :)

There's a cuda hwloc branch that will solve this. In the meantime, there are no nvidia osdevs.
Maybe look at hwloc/cuda.h and cudart.h, they give cuda device affinity without osdevs.


Guillermo Miranda <> a écrit :

I am trying to detect GPus when traversing through the topology tree,
but they appear as PCI devices instead of OS devices, so I can't compare
the OS type against HWLOC_OBJ_OSDEV_GPU.

I have enabled IO device discovery (HWLOC_TOPOLOGY_FLAG_IO_DEVICES) and
made sure that hwloc's configure properly recognised Cuda (4.1).

Here's what lstopo prints:
<object type="PCIDev" os_index="536576"
pci_busid="0000:83:00.0" pci_type="0302 [10de:1091] [00de:0042] a1"
<info name="PCIVendor" value="nVidia Corporation"/>

Is this the expected behaviour? What can I do to make that GPU be marked
as an OSDEV GPU object?

Thanks in advance.

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