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Alexandros Papadogiannakis

> Date: Thu, 19 Jan 2012 22:28:14 +0100
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> Subject: [hwloc-users] removing old cpuset API?
> Dear hwloc users,
> The cpuset API (hwloc_cpuset_*) was replaced by the bitmap API
> (hwloc_bitmap_*) in v1.1.0, back in december 2010. We kept backward
> compatibility by #defin'ing the old API on top of the new one. So you
> may stil use the old API in your application (but you would get
> "deprecated" warning).
> Now, we're thinking of removing this compatiblity layer one day or
> another. You would have to upgrade your application to the new API. If
> your application must still work with old hwloc too, you may support
> both API by #defin'ing the new API on top of the old one as explained at
> the end of http://localhost/hwloc/projects/hwloc/doc/v1.3.1/a00010.php
> So, is anybody against removing the hwloc/cpuset.h compatibility layer
> in the near future (not before v1.5, which may mean Spring 2012) and
> letting application deal with this if they really need it?
> Brice
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