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Subject: [hwloc-users] Finding closest host bridge
From: Rolf vandeVaart (rvandevaart_at_[hidden])
Date: 2014-01-28 17:12:21

I cam up with this snippet of code so I could find the PCI devices closest to where a process was running. This works fine on a NUMA node. However, on a non-NUMA node, it appears that the HWLOC bridge is not connected to anything. Therefore, I believe I just need to do something like hwloc_get_obj_by_type(topology, HWLOC_OBJ_BRIDGE, 0) when running on a non-NUMA node. Does that seem correct? Should I special case where I do not find a HWLOC_OBJ_NODE object?

    retval = hwloc_topology_init(&topology);
    retval = hwloc_topology_set_flags(topology, flags);
    retval = hwloc_topology_load(topology);
    newset = hwloc_bitmap_alloc();
    retval = hwloc_get_last_cpu_location(topology, newset, 0);

    /* Get the object that contains the cpuset */
    node = hwloc_get_first_largest_obj_inside_cpuset(topology, newset);

    /* Climb up from that object until we find HWLOC_OBJ_NODE */
    while (node->type != HWLOC_OBJ_NODE) {
        node = node->parent;

    /* Now look for the HWLOC_OBJ_BRIDGE. All PCI busses hanging off the
     * node will have one of these */
    bridge = hwloc_get_next_child(topology, node, NULL);
    while (bridge != NULL && bridge->type != HWLOC_OBJ_BRIDGE) {
        bridge = hwloc_get_next_child(topology, node, bridge);
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