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Subject: [hwloc-users] quick question
From: Rupert Brooks (rupert.brooks_at_[hidden])
Date: 2010-07-22 09:20:34


First, i have to report a little bug with the web site - the searching
of the users list archives seems not to work when i tried to search i
got the following error message

Search Hardware Locality [Users] List Archive Index file error: Could
not open the index file './index.swish-e': No such file or directory

So i apologize if this question has been asked many times before. Is
there a way using hwloc (or otherwise) that i can identify which core
of the machine a thread is currently using? This would be useful to
determine if hwloc is properly doing its job, and to verify certain
hypotheses that i have about performance of my program - specifically
that performance drops sharply when the OS scheduler moves the thread
from one physical chip to another. Ideally i would like to do this in
both windows and linux but a solution for either would be great.


Rupert Brooks