On 08/01/14 09:26, Brice Goglin wrote:
Le 07/01/2014 15:19, Andrew Cooper a écrit :
On 07/01/14 11:54, Brice Goglin wrote:
Can't check the code right now, but a couple questions below.

I just checked the code. My only little complain is that we always get this error message in the terminal, even when not enabling Xen:
    xc: error: Could not obtain handle on privileged command interface (2 = Aucun fichier ou dossier de ce ): Internal error
This will only happen when libxc is available but we're not root@dom0 (which is always my case :)). We'll see later if we really need to make that go away (could use component conflicts, we'll see).

Otherwise, no problem.


It is a little awkward.  libxc itself writes that to stderr.  I will see about handing it a null-logger, at which point I can control what happens to the error messages and just ignore them.