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I already use git-svn for most of my hwloc work. But I still need svn for backports, and that wastes a lot of my time.

"Jeff Squyres (jsquyres)" <jsquyres@cisco.com> a écrit :
We're having a discussion (again :-) ) about moving OMPI to a DVCS.

The short conclusion of the long conversation is: the OMPI dev community would be much more comfortable moving to a DVCS if they could see some success with other OMPI projects (e.g., hwloc and/or MTT).

Would hwloc be interested in moving to git? This would mean:

1. converting the existing svn to git
--> including all historical log messages that refer to "rXXXX"
2. converting the existing trac to git
--> including all trac tickets, comments, and wiki pages that refer to "rXXXX"

The OMPI devs -- who are mostly unfamiliar with git -- would like to see some close-to-home successes with git over a period of time that don't require heavy administrative maintenance over time (one of the pushback issues was that some organizations have hired full-time people to maintain/fix git repositories when they break/become unusable).