Le 23/04/2013 16:58, Jiri Hladky a écrit :
*    0x0001 ... standard RPATHs (e.g. /usr/lib); such RPATHs are a minor
*               issue but are introducing redundant searchpaths without
*               providing a benefit. They can also cause errors in multilib
*               environments.

RPATH is not allowed to be in binary files in RPM:


I have tried to eliminate rpath by using methods described here:



I don't see any easy way to add a disable-rpath.

I am not very familiar with how rpath work. I assume that libtool doesn't add a rpath when you install in standard directories? At least Debian packages don't specify any rpath, even if --libdir=/usr/lib/$arch is specified on the configure command-line.

If /usr/lib64 is the default path for 64bits libs on Fedora, shouldn't somebody take care of removing the corresponding rpath too?

This is likely related (but the reversed case) to the comment about Fedora in http://wiki.debian.org/RpathIssue. One link on that page says that rerunning libtoolize before configure may help. Can you try that? (maybe compare the new libtool script with the one from the hwloc tarball to check that some lib64 things appeared?)

FAIL: test-hwloc-annotate.sh
FAIL: test-hwloc-assembler.sh
PASS: test-hwloc-calc.sh
PASS: test-hwloc-distances.sh
PASS: test-hwloc-distrib.sh
FAIL: test-hwloc-info.sh

I am not sure why some fail while the other succeed. You may need to set LD_LIBRARY_PATH to fix this?