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Author: jsquyres (Jeff Squyres)
Date: 2013-02-16 08:45:31 EST (Sat, 16 Feb 2013)
New Revision: 5324
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Update doxy docs about libpciaccess.

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Modified: branches/libpciaccess/doc/hwloc.doxy
--- branches/libpciaccess/doc/hwloc.doxy	Sat Feb 16 07:40:07 2013	(r5323)
+++ branches/libpciaccess/doc/hwloc.doxy	2013-02-16 08:45:31 EST (Sat, 16 Feb 2013)	(r5324)
@@ -149,13 +149,28 @@
 <li>libnuma for memory binding and migration support on Linux
     (<tt>numactl-devel</tt> or <tt>libnuma-dev</tt> package).
-<li>libpciaccess for I/O discovery.
-    The relevant development package is usually <tt>libpciaccess-devel</tt>
-    or <tt>libpciaccess-dev</tt>.
-    libpci (from pciutils, development package <tt>pciutils-devel</tt> or
-    <tt>libpci-dev</tt>) may be used instead if <tt>--enable-libpci</tt>
-    is given at configure, but its GPL license may taint hwloc.
+<li>Hwloc can use one of two different libraries for I/O device
+<li> libpciaccess.  The relevant development package is usually
Please keep libpciaccess-dev as well (debian/ubuntu devel packages are

  This package is preferred by hwloc
+because it uses the BSD license, and is therefore license-compatible
+with hwloc.  Unfortunately, libpciaccess is not pre-installed on most
+systems, and must be obtained from
It's not preinstalled, but it's available as a package in all distribs
that contain X.org (even non-Linux distrib).
If we add the upstream URL for all packages that are not available by
default, we need one for libxml-devel and numactl-devel too since devel
headers are rarely installed by default.
In brief, just remove that URL :)

+<li>pciutils (libpci). The relevant development package is usually
+<tt>pciutils-devel</tt> or <tt>libpci-dev</tt>.  Unfortunately, while
+the libpci library from the pciutils package is pre-installed (or
+readily available) on many platforms, it is licensed under the GPL.
+Hence, if hwloc is configured to build/link against libpci, the hwloc
+library and binaries will be tainted with GPL (<strong>this has
+serious implications for 3rd parties developing tools that link
+against libhwloc!</strong>)</li>
This text is way too long. That section about dependencies was meant to
be easy to read before a first manual build of hwloc, that's why it's
a small list of short items. You're adding half a page about libpci in the
middle, making it hard to read. That long discussion can move somewhere
else, I'd say a FAQ entry at the end of doxy.

 <li>the AMD OpenCL implementation for OpenCL device discovery.
 <li>the NVIDIA CUDA Toolkit for CUDA device discovery.
@@ -174,7 +189,19 @@
 hwloc library, or as separate dynamically-loaded plugins
 (see the \ref plugins section).
+Note that if you install supplemental libraries (e.g., libpciaccess)
+in non-standard locations,
You really need to stop thinking that libpciaccess needs to be installed manually