Le 07/07/2010 11:15, Jirka Hladky a écrit :
I have also seen you recent change:


--list <type|depth>

and replaces

--nodelist with --list numanode (still supported but undocumented)

It should work for core and socket as well.


I have downloaded hwloc-1.1a1r2290.tar.bz2 but apparently the modification is not there yet. If I get right you have implemented following, right?

I didn't commit this change yet, I was waiting for some feedback first (not sure if --list and --objects are good names for these options). You should apply the patch that I sent in my previous mail.

I have few suggestions regarding error handling in hwloc-calc 1.0.1:


hwloc-calc --nodelist --physical proc:0

=> gives nothing back on systems without NUMA. I would expect some sort of error message on stderr.

hwloc-calc --nodelist --physical proc:120

=>gives nothing back. On that system, there is NUMA but only 64 processors. I would expect error message "proc:120 does not exist" reported on stderr.

Those errors are only reported when -v is given (as well as other verbose messages). You're right, we should always show them.