On 03/05/10 09:57, Jeff Squyres wrote:

> 1.0rc4 is up.

Running coccicheck on 1.0rc4 flags up this construct, I presume
as an ambiguous construction:

    if (!topology->flags & HWLOC_TOPOLOGY_FLAG_WHOLE_SYSTEM) {

That's at line 1518 of src/topology.c in hwloc_discover(). The
check file simply says:

// !x&y combines boolean negation with bitwise and

It's also flagged some unchecked malloc()'s in various bits:

line 41 of src/misc.c in hwloc_snprintf():

     str = malloc(size);

line 321 of src/topology-linux.c in hwloc_linux_get_proc_tids():

   tids = malloc(max_tids*sizeof(pid_t));

line 328 of src/topology-linux.c in hwloc_linux_get_proc_tids():

       tids = realloc(tids, max_tids*sizeof(pid_t));

line 1561 of src/topology.c in hwloc_discover():

   objs = malloc(n_objs * sizeof(objs[0]));

Hope these are helpful!
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