On 27-set-09, at 15:34, Samuel Thibault wrote:

I've wondered how to implement topology changes indeed. AIX does
have a SIGRECONFIG signal for this, I don't know any support from
other OSes.

Maybe there's a inotify way to get such changes in Linux.

There is usually no inotify support for virtual files. I've
just tested that it doesn't work for /sys/bus/usb/devices for
instance. We'll have to ask kernel developers for it.

ok just as information osx has such a callback if possible it would be  
nice to have such functionality abstracted away...

Do you know how it is called?

I have looked for it, and was not able to find the documentation again, I suppose that registering for power management changes and check if for example hw.activecpu changed should do the trick, but I cannot track down the place where I had read something about it...

(problem with macosx is that it doesn't support processor binding

yes it is possible just to group threads that should stay together...