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Subject: Re: [hwloc-devel] hwloc-1.7 issue roundup
From: Brice Goglin (Brice.Goglin_at_[hidden])
Date: 2013-05-05 13:05:20

Le 05/05/2013 18:18, Pavan Balaji a écrit :
> - hwloc's check for whether an explicitly function declaration is
> needed (using _HWLOC_CHECK_DECL) was relying on whether a dummy call to
> the function throws an error. This only works if the function
> declaration is already present in one of the headers. If such a
> declaration is not present, the test might fail with "implicit function
> declaration" with the right CFLAGS. This leads the m4 macro to think
> that the declaration is already there in one of the headers and an
> additional declaration is not needed.

I'll look at this, when/where did you need this? (for documentation and
maybe testing one day)

> - For sysctl and sysctlbyname, I've updated hwloc/config.m4 to use a
> full link test instead of just using AC_CHECK_FUNCS, which only checks
> to see if the symbol exists or not. For example, the prototype of
> sysctl uses u_int, which on some platforms (such as FreeBSD) is only
> defined under __BSD_VISIBLE, __USE_BSD or other similar definitions. So
> while the symbols "sysctl" and "sysctlbyname" might still be available
> in libc (which autoconf checks for), they might not be actually usable.

I'll look at this too.

> - A minor error where strings.h was not included for strcasecmp.

Just applied to trunk and v1.7.

> 2. I had reported an issue with libltdl in embedded mode (also in the
> above thread). I believe Brice is looking into this, so I didn't
> investigate it further.
> [...]
> I'd appreciate a cleaner fix to this issue.

I am waiting for Jeff's feedback in thread "hwloc embedding vs libltdl".

Not sure yet I will backport this into v1.7.1 since it is somehow
intrusive. To be discussed

> 3. I had reported an issue with the usage of getpagesize() instead of
> hwloc_getpagesize() on the Mac.
> I believe Samuel has already incorporated this in hwloc trunk.

Yes, and it was backported to v1.7 too.

> 4. I had reported some warnings on the FreeBSD strict build here.
> I believe Brice and Samuel are looking into it, but I don't have a
> confirmation on whether this is fixed. I didn't fix them in mpich yet.

Fixed on trunk and v1.7.

To summarize:
* 1 partially applied, and the rest will likely be taken care of
* 2 needs review by Jeff
* 3-4 are fixed