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Subject: [hwloc-devel] v1.6.1 soon
From: Brice Goglin (Brice.Goglin_at_[hidden])
Date: 2012-12-31 04:04:20


We didn't see any public report about it, but I am confident that the
cgroup-related crash in v1.6 is a bad one. So I am going to make a
v1.6.1rc1 in early 2013. The current list of changes is basically this
fix + some doc + some very minor stuff:

Version 1.6.1
* Fix some crash or buggy detection in the x86 backend when Linux
  cgroups/cpusets restrict the available CPUs.
* Some documentation improvements.

If anybody needs anything else in this stable release, please let me know.

v1.7 isn't supposed to happen very soon but the list of changes is
already big, so it may end up happening not too far in the future.
There's pretty much no core change (which is good since v1.6 changed
everything there) but many plugin/header additions (those should not
cause much problems).


Version 1.7.0
* Backends
  + Add NetBSD support, thanks to Aleksej Saushev.
  + Add three GPU detection components: opencl (for the AMD OpenCL
    implemenation), cuda and nvml (for NVIDIA GPUs).
    - They add OS devices such as opencl0p0, cuda0 and nvml0 inside the
      corresponding PCI devices with some string info attributes.
    - The nvml component also improves the discovery of NVIDIA GPU
      PCIe link speed.
    - They may be built as plugins.
    - They may be disabled with --disable-opencl/cuda/nvml.
    See the I/O Devices, Components and Plugins, and FAQ documentation
    sections for details.
  + Add hwloc_topology_get_flags().
  + Add hwloc/plugins.h for building external plugins.
    See the Adding new discovery components and plugins section.
* Interoperability
  + Add hwloc/opencl.h to retrieve the locality or OS device for
    AMD GPU devices or indexes.
  + Add hwloc/nvml.h to retrieve the locality or OS device for NVML
    devices or indexes.
  + Add new helpers in hwloc/cuda.h and hwloc/cudart.h to convert
    between CUDA devices or indexes and hwloc OS devices.
  + Add hwloc_ibv_get_device_osdev() and clarify the requirements
    of the OpenFabrics Verbs helpers in hwloc/openfabrics-verbs.h.
* Documentation
  + Add new document sections "Existing components and plugins"
    and "Common OS devices".
  + Add a new FAQ entry "Why is lstopo slow?" about lstopo slowness
    issues because of GPUs.
  + Clarify the documentation of inline helpers in hwloc/myriexpress.h
    and hwloc/openfabrics-verbs.h.
* Misc
  + The HWLOC_COMPONENTS may now start with '^' to only define a list of
    components to exclude.