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Subject: Re: [hwloc-devel] hwloc v1.5rc1 coming soon
From: TERRY DONTJE (terry.dontje_at_[hidden])
Date: 2012-07-10 22:30:47

Is this also going to include the topology_solaris.c improvements?


On 7/10/2012 3:16 PM, Brice Goglin wrote:
> I am preparing a v1.5rc1 release, so here's the current status in case
> somebody wants to comment.
> Major changes for is v1.5:
> * instruction caches
> * lstopo becomes lstopo + lstopo-no-graphics
> * improvements to misc backends (AIX, FreeBSD)
> Full v1.5 NEWS list:
> * Backends
> + Do not limit the number of processors to 1024 on Solaris anymore.
> + Gather total machine memory on FreeBSD.
> + XML topology files do not depend on the locale anymore. Float numbers
> such as NUMA distances or PCI link speeds now always use a dot as a
> decimal separator.
> + Add instruction caches detection on Linux, AIX, Windows and Darwin.
> + Add get_last_cpu_location() support for the current thread on AIX.
> + Support binding on AIX when threads or processes were bound with
> bindprocessor(). Thanks to Hendryk Bockelmann for reporting the issue
> and testing patches, and to Farid Parpia for explaining the binding
> interfaces.
> + Improve AMD topology detection in the x86 backend (for FreeBSD) using
> the topoext feature.
> * API
> + Increase HWLOC_API_VERSION to 0x00010500 so that API changes may be
> detected at build-time.
> + Add a cache type attribute describind Data, Instruction and Unified
> caches. Caches with different types but same depth (for instance L1d
> and L1i) are placed on different levels.
> + Add hwloc_get_cache_type_depth() to retrieve the hwloc level depth of
> of the given cache depth and type, for instance L1i or L2.
> It helps disambiguating the case where hwloc_get_type_depth() returns
> + Instruction caches are ignored unless HWLOC_TOPOLOGY_FLAG_ICACHES is
> passed to hwloc_topology_set_flags() before load.
> + Add hwloc_ibv_get_device_osdev_by_name() OpenFabrics helper in
> openfabrics-verbs.h to find the hwloc OS device object corresponding to
> an OpenFabrics device.
> * Tools
> + Add lstopo-no-graphics, a lstopo built without graphical support to
> avoid dependencies on external libraries such as Cairo and X11. When
> supported, graphical outputs are only available in the original lstopo
> program.
> - Packagers splitting lstopo and lstopo-no-graphics into different
> packages are advised to use the alternatives system so that lstopo
> points to the best available binary.
> + Instruction caches are enabled in lstopo by default. User --no-icaches
> to disable them.
> + Add -t/--threads to show threads in hwloc-ps.
> * Removal of obsolete components
> + Remove the old cpuset interface (hwloc/cpuset.h) which is deprecated and
> superseded by the bitmap API (hwloc/bitmap.h) since v1.1.
> hwloc_cpuset and nodeset types are still defined, but all hwloc_cpuset_*
> compatibility wrappers are now gone.
> + Remove Linux libnuma conversion helpers for the deprecated and
> broken nodemask_t interface.
> + Remove support for "Proc" type name, it was superseded by "PU" in v1.0.
> + Remove hwloc-mask symlinks, it was replaced by hwloc-calc in v1.0.
> * Misc
> + Non-printable characters are dropped from strings during XML export.
> + Assert hwloc_is_thissystem() in several I/O related helpers.
> + Limit the number of retries when operating on all threads within a
> process on Linux if the list of threads is heavily getting modified.
> Plus some item currently only listed in the v1.4 branch NEWS:
> * Fix PCIe 3.0 link speed computation.
> * Fix importing of escaped characters with the minimalistic XML backend.
> * Fix a memory leak in the x86 backend.
> Open tickets against v1.5:
> * #77: improve windows get_cpubind. I don't think I'll have time to work
> on this soon since only Hartmut can test such patches on large windows
> machines.
> * #79: annotate the lstopo textual output for offline/unavailable/bound
> CPUs (red/green/black in the graphical output). Easy to implement but
> I don't have any obviously good solution yet.
> * There's an OMPI ticket about hwloc fixes for a native windows build.
> We're supposed to get a patch one day.
> Brice
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