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Subject: Re: [hwloc-devel] Hwloc perl binding
From: Brice Goglin (Brice.Goglin_at_[hidden])
Date: 2010-12-15 15:02:04

Le 15/12/2010 20:41, Bernd Kallies a écrit :
>> Are you actually referring to the main API, or to inline helpers such as
>> hwloc/helpers.h ? The latter are not strictly part of the API, and may
>> be changed easily since they are not in the ABI.
> It is not really clear to me what belongs to the main API, and what are
> helpers.

The main API is hwloc.h (and its dependency hwloc/bitmap.h or cpuset.h).
That's what's implemented in src/*.c

Inline helpers are all static inline functions in most hwloc/*.h headers
(except config.h and rename.h which are special).

> I'm referring to things like the following:
> int hwloc_obj_attr_snprintf(char * __hwloc_restrict string,
> size_t size,
> hwloc_obj_t obj,
> const char * __hwloc_restrict separator,
> int verbose);
> int hwloc_obj_snprintf(char * __hwloc_restrict string,
> size_t size,
> hwloc_topology_t topology,
> hwloc_obj_t obj,
> const char * __hwloc_restrict indexprefix,
> int verbose);
> The prototypes are in hwloc.h ("main" API ?). The true source of these
> are in src/traversal.c ("helper" API ?). There the topology parameter of
> hwloc_obj_snprintf has attribute unused. Things like that.

hwloc_obj_snprintf is deprecated anyway. We probably needed the topology
flag in the past, and we couldn't remove it later because it would have
broken the ABI.

As I said, we're trying to keep things consistent. My understanding is
that a function should have a topology parameter if it traverses some
links between objects inside the topology. If it only operates on a
given object and does not traverse the topology at all, it will likely
not need any topology parameter.