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Subject: Re: [hwloc-devel] hwloc 1.1 rc2 make check fails on SLES10SP1 on PPC64
From: Christopher Samuel (samuel_at_[hidden])
Date: 2010-11-20 12:43:35

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On 21/11/10 03:42, Brice Goglin wrote:

> Thanks. The tarball looks good. It seems to report everything as
> expected. By the way, it's funny to see a L4 cache without any L3,
> there's likely something to fix in the device-tree code, but it should
> not be very important.


> So, it looks like running lstopo on the tarball doesn't work fine. It
> doesn't see any caches (which may be related to /proc/device-tree/ too).

Yeah, it's also not showing the SMT's either.

> Could you extract the tarball under /tmp and run
> "HWLOC_FSROOT=/tmp/sles10sp1-ppc64 lstopo" ? I assume you will not see
> any caches.

Correct - this is what it looks like:

Machine (15GB)
  NUMANode #0 (phys=0 7680MB)
    PU #0 (phys=0)
    PU #1 (phys=1)
    PU #2 (phys=2)
    PU #3 (phys=3)
  NUMANode #1 (phys=1 8000MB)
    PU #4 (phys=4)
    PU #5 (phys=5)
    PU #6 (phys=6)
    PU #7 (phys=7)

This is what it's meant to look like:

Machine (15GB)
  NUMANode #0 (phys=0 7680MB) + L4 #0 (32MB)
    L2 #0 (4096KB) + L1 #0 (64KB) + Core #0
      PU #0 (phys=0)
      PU #1 (phys=1)
    L2 #1 (4096KB) + L1 #1 (64KB) + Core #1
      PU #2 (phys=2)
      PU #3 (phys=3)
  NUMANode #1 (phys=1 8000MB) + L4 #1 (32MB)
    L2 #2 (4096KB) + L1 #2 (64KB) + Core #2
      PU #4 (phys=4)
      PU #5 (phys=5)
    L2 #3 (4096KB) + L1 #3 (64KB) + Core #3
      PU #6 (phys=6)
      PU #7 (phys=7)

> If so, first check that /tmp/sles10sp1-ppc64/proc/device-tree/
> seems to contain what's also in /proc/device-tree/ . Then
> reconfigure with --enable-debug and send the whole stdout/stderr
> of "HWLOC_FSROOT=/tmp/sles10sp1-ppc64 lstopo"

OK - have to go and check out now so no more Internet access until
I get to LA tonight, so that will need to wait I'm afraid! :-(

> If you can get me access to this machine, it would help a lot too :)

I'll see what I can do when I'm back in Melbourne. :-)

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