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Subject: Re: [hwloc-devel] Support for solaris lgrp_affinity_set
From: Terry Dontje (terry.dontje_at_[hidden])
Date: 2010-08-20 07:21:56

Samuel Thibault wrote:
> Terry Dontje, le Fri 20 Aug 2010 06:42:11 -0400, a écrit :
>> Samuel Thibault wrote:
>>> I eventually added using lgrp_affinity_set(). Not as a replacement for
>>> processor_bind, as AIUI, lgrp_affinity_set() doesn't permit to specify
>>> precise processors.
>> I believe (and I might be wrong here) that there are premade lgrps that
>> correspond to precise processors.
> This is unfortunately not the case on the box we have at INRIA:
> lgrp 0 has 0 children
> while there are two cores on the machine.
That may be due to the version of Solaris you have installed. I am not
sure if any of the S10 updates have these premade lgroups. Can you tell
me what S10 update you are running.
>> This is what led me to believe that using lgrp_affinity_set() might
>> help in being able to bind to multiple processors.
> If there was assurance that there is a lgrp for them, yes, but
> apparently it's not always true.
>> Unfortunately I don't have the exact particulars to give you. If I get
>> some time in the next couple weeks I'll see if I can come up with some
>> example code that might be able to do the above.
> Actually, what would more helpful would be access to some big solaris
> machine, as we (INRIA) currently don't even have access to a NUMA
> solaris machine.
I have access to some of these types of machines internally. I believe
all of the larger ones are SPARC based. Unfortunately, there is no way
I can get you access to them since they are development machines behind
our firewall and our policy does not allow for such.

Is there a set of tests you would like me to run for you?

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