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Subject: Re: [hwloc-devel] Cpuset problem
From: Brice Goglin (Brice.Goglin_at_[hidden])
Date: 2010-07-22 12:50:26

Le 22/07/2010 14:53, Michael Raymond a écrit :
> I was doing some testing on what's in SVN and I found that the
> topology discovery code has a problem when running within a cpuset. On
> my 2.6.32 SLES11SP1 box the code calls hwloc_read_linux_cpuset_mask()
> with a cgroup mount point and tries to read
> /dev/cpuset/<blah>/cpuset.[cpus|mems]. Those files don't exist but
> <blah>/[cpus|mems] do. If I change the code to use those files instead
> then everything else works.

Hello Michael,
This probably means that we found a cgroup mount point in /dev/cpuset
while its actually a cpuset mount point. What does your /proc/mounts
contain? Can you try to understand why hwloc_find_linux_cpuset_mntpnt
would find a wrong mount type?