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Subject: Re: [hwloc-devel] How to get information about hwloc objects?
From: Jirka Hladky (jhladky_at_[hidden])
Date: 2010-07-07 08:17:16

Hi Brice,

update to my post regarding --list option:

> > I have downloaded hwloc-1.1a1r2290.tar.bz2
> > <
> > r.bz2>but apparently the modification is not there yet. If I get right
> > you have implemented following, right?
> I didn't commit this change yet, I was waiting for some feedback first
> (not sure if --list and --objects are good names for these options). You
> should apply the patch that I sent in my previous mail.

In previous e-mail I have verified that
./hwloc-calc --list numanode proc:32
./hwloc-calc --list socket proc:63
./hwloc-calc --list core proc:63

is working for ancestors. I have now verified that it's working for children as
well. Great:-) Nice job! Please add some of these to the documentation.

./hwloc-calc --list core node:0
./hwloc-calc --list core socket:0
./hwloc-calc -v --physical --list proc socket:1.core:11
object #1 depth 2 below cpuset 0x0000ffff found
object #11 depth 6 below cpuset 0x0000aaaa found
adding 0x00008080 to 0x0
adding 0x00008080 to 0x0

Regarding the names of options (just my 2 cents):

1) I would suggest to rename --list to something more descriptive like

2) I would rename --objects to something like
or perhaps just

You may consider to add option
--all_ancestors (or perhaps ancestors-tree or family-tree)
to list the full tree of ancestors objects

Nice work!