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Subject: [hwloc-devel] doxygen autoconf setup
From: Jeff Squyres (jsquyres_at_[hidden])
Date: 2009-09-09 16:57:35

I'm a little confused by the doxygen setup in -- can one
of you shed some light on this?

After the DX_* macros, I see the following:

AC_CHECK_FILE(${srcdir}/doc/doxygen-doc/man, [hwloc_have_man=yes], [:])
[hwloc_have_pdf=yes], [:])
AC_CHECK_FILE(${srcdir}/doc/doxygen-doc/html, [hwloc_have_html=yes],
[hwloc_have_tag=yes], [:])

What are these supposed to do? None of those directories will exist
the first time you run configure. Indeed, these tests really only
test what happened the last time you built the doxygen output -- not
what *will* happen when you run "make".

Is the real goal here to figure out whether doxygen supports the above
output types so that you can do the following AM_CONDITIONAL's?

AM_CONDITIONAL([HWLOC_HAVE_MAN], [test "x$hwloc_have_man" = "xyes"])
AM_CONDITIONAL([HWLOC_HAVE_PDF], [test "x$hwloc_have_pdf" = "xyes"])
AM_CONDITIONAL([HWLOC_HAVE_HTML], [test "x$hwloc_have_html" = "xyes"])
AM_CONDITIONAL([HWLOC_HAVE_DOC], [test "x$hwloc_have_html" = "xyes"])
AM_CONDITIONAL([HWLOC_HAVE_TAG], [test "x$hwloc_have_tag" = "xyes"])
AM_CONDITIONAL([HWLOC_INSTALL_MAN], [test "x$hwloc_have_man" = "xyes" -
o "x$DX_FLAG_man" = "x1" ])
AM_CONDITIONAL([HWLOC_INSTALL_PDF], [test "x$hwloc_have_pdf" = "xyes" -
o \( "x$DX_FLAG_pdf" = "x1" -a "x$FIG2DEV" != "x" \) ])
AM_CONDITIONAL([HWLOC_INSTALL_HTML], [test "x$hwloc_have_html" =
"xyes" -o \( "x$DX_FLAG_html" = "x1" -a "x$FIG2DEV" != "x" \) ])
AM_CONDITIONAL([HWLOC_WILLHAVE_TAG], [test "x$hwloc_have_tag" = "xyes"
-o \( "x$DX_DOXYGEN" != "x" -a "x$FIG2DEV" != "x" \) ])

Jeff Squyres