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Subject: [hwloc-announce] Hardware Locality (hwloc) v1.6.2 released
From: Brice Goglin (Brice.Goglin_at_[hidden])
Date: 2013-02-25 04:07:18

The Hardware Locality (hwloc) team is pleased to announce the release
of v1.6.2:

v1.6.2 is a bug fix release which addresses all known bugs in the
v1.6 serie and improves a couple minor points.

The main reason for this release is to fix a license issue. The GPL
license of libpci/pciutils taints hwloc whenever you link with it
(making hwloc *not BSD* anymore).
We now use libpciaccess (from by default instead of libpci.
See the Installation section in the documentation for details.

The following is a summary of the changes since v1.6.1:
* Use libpciaccess instead of pciutils/libpci by default for I/O discovery.
  pciutils/libpci is only used if --enable-libpci is given to configure
  because its GPL license may taint hwloc. See the Installation section
  in the documentation for details.
* Fix get_cpubind on Solaris when bound to a single PU with
  processor_bind(). Thanks to Eugene Loh for reporting the problem
  and providing a patch.

We will release v1.5.2rc1, v1.4.3rc1 and v1.3.3rc1 very soon to address
the license issue whenever somebody cannot upgrade to v1.6.2.