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Subject: [OMPI docs] Errors in man pages (on the web, anyway), dead wiki
From: Radu C ([hidden])
Date: 2010-07-28 20:58:34


Having no way to send a report without subscribing to a mailing list, here I

I just started looking into Open MPI, and so far I found a few errors in the
man pages that are posted on the Open MPI website:

Note that MPI does not guarantee that an MPI pro-
       MPI_ERR_BUFFER 1 Invalid buffer pointer.

The note paragraph is truncated.

Then, here:

This one has the note that is truncated in the above page intact, but has
something else truncated:

MPI_THREAD_MULTIPLE If the process is multithreaded, multiple
                               threads may call MPI at once with no

       modifies, interprets, nor distributes them:

Haven't checked other man pages. Still looking for a "Hello World" tutorial,
to have a taste of Open MPI, see if I like it and if I'd like some more, on
this page: I followed the link
to the wiki: But it
says Environment
not found. Ended up on Google, as suggested by the FAQ. Hope I like what I
see :)

    Radu C