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Subject: Re: [OMPI docs] wiki account
From: Fabian Hänsel (fabian.haensel_at_[hidden])
Date: 2008-08-26 09:36:27

Hi Jeff,

> Greetings Fabian; sorry for the delay in replying (I was on travel
> last week, and that always makes me fall behind in e-mail).

No problem, I haven't been at the university as well.

> Are you working with Matthias Mueller at ZIH? He's our main contact
> there.

Yes, I've mailed him (he seems to be on holidays).

> That being said, I'd *love* to see some activity on user-level docs
> for OMPI. Our wiki accounts are tied to SVN accounts; if you can
> get Matthias to give you a thumbs up, I can get you a no-op SVN
> account which will let you have write access to the wiki.
> Or would you prefer to do this directly on the web site? We have
> our entire web site in SVN, so those with SVN accounts can actually
> write to it. There's benefits and drawbacks to both, I suppose.
> What do you think?

What's the normal way of writing to the wiki? Checking it out locally,
setting up a server there, allow editing of the wiki via config,
writing wiki pages, check in back a database dump?

While that's not challenging it's still work. Direct editing on the
website seems to be easier and much more suited to write on topics from
various computers at various places (lab, office, home).

More importantly I assume the quality of the result getting better the
more people can activly contribute by 'agile methods' (fixing
thereselves what they know better or have better ideas of explaining).

But if the first one ist the normal way of writing docs I'll use that

Best regards,