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Subject: [OMPI docs] A Getting Started Manual
From: Aquil H. Abdullah (aquil.abdullah_at_[hidden])
Date: 2008-03-05 23:35:29

I just purchased a couple of dual-core boxes for cluster hobby projects and
I was looking for an MPI Implementation to install when I ran across Open
MPI. I was a bit let down that there was no documentation, until I saw the
FAQ and realized that it was pretty darn Awesome! Anyway, here is my 3

As someone who is semi-literate on the subject of MPI Implementations the
first thing I wanted was a Getting Started Guide. To figure out how
processes were launched on remote nodes? What was the format for the machine
file? What libraries did my applications need to link against? And so on and
so forth... As I stated before, the FAQ pretty much answered all of my
questions, but I was wondering if it might be instructive to generate a
"Getting Started Guide" as a starting point for future documents? And if so
would it be helpful to have input from someone using Open MPI for the first
time? (Before I get too jaded)

If so I am willing to lend a hand.


Aquil H. Abdullah
Interactive Supercomputing