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Subject: Re: [OMPI docs] Defining an Authoring Environment
From: Richard.Friedman_at_[hidden]
Date: 2007-12-18 16:35:41

Jeff Squyres wrote:
> Sorry; I missed this post.
> SVN can handle any type of file. It works best with text-based files
> (to capture diffs between revisions), but it'll work just fine with
> binary files, too. You'll need to be careful between revisions -- SVN
> won't be able to integrate changes from two different sources. E.g.:
> - foo.odt is in the repository at r1
> - Bob makes a change to foo.odt and commits the change at r2
> - Alice makes a change to foo.odt *r1* and tries to commit
> Alice's change will not be able to be merged back in because foo.odt
> is a binary format and SVN doesn't know how to merge it in. SVN in
> this case will detect the discrepancy and tell Alice that she can't
> check in -- there's been a conflict that a human needs to resolve. So
> Alice will need to get the new foo.odt at r2 and manually integrate
> her changes in. Then she'll be able to commit it back to the repository.
So I assume the workflow for Alice must be something like:

1. grab the latest revision (the one that includes Bob's changes)
2. edit that revision
3. commit it.

Is there no way to lock a revision while you're working on it (like
SCCS) so no one can commit while you are actively editing that content?

What I think we'll have to implement is a verbal agreement that only one
person work on a chapter at a time to avoid such clashes.

Since the team is pretty small, I don't see that as a problem.