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From: Jeff Squyres (jsquyres_at_[hidden])
Date: 2007-09-20 20:23:30

On Sep 20, 2007, at 6:18 PM, Richard.Friedman_at_[hidden] wrote:

> Ok. This really helps. As you can see, my understanding about
> what's going on with Open MPI needs refining. I wasn't sure if the
> MPI world in general was moving towards Open MPI as being the one-
> and-only MPI, or if this was a parallel development (no pun intended).
> So I need to mull all this over some more.
> My hope is that the MPI Forum folks will come out with a stand-
> alone MPI spec that doesn't rely on any previous versions.

FWIW, there is a meeting at the Euro PVM/MPI conference in about 2
weeks to discuss the MPI forum update. I think it may eventually
result in a MPI 2.1 document and an MPI 1.3 document (i.e.,
consolidate the errata documents into single documents for MPI-1 and
MPI-2). I doubt it will get any better than that (E.g., MPI-1 and
MPI-2 in a single document).

MPI-1 and MPI-2 are fairly distinct and separate -- so that's not
really a huge loss. Think of it as MPI volume 1 and MPI volume 2
(some people are under the misconception that MPI-2 replaced MPI-1 --
it didn't. MPI-2 [mostly] augmented MPI-1).

> I did have a meeting with our local DITA expert here at Sun, and
> I'm now re-thinking this as a possible publication environment.
> It's too early in the development of DITA for us to rely on, and
> truly usable tools are not quite there yet.
> My next stop is to look at what the folks at are
> using and report back.
> More later. Thanks.

Sounds good -- thanks.

>> Ah -- I think that there are 3 main topics here:
>> 1. Knowledge of the MPI spec itself ("book knowledge")
>> 2. Knowledge of how to write MPI applications ("practical knowledge")
>> 3. Knowledge of how to use a particular MPI implementation, such
>> as Open MPI ("applied knowledge")
>> I assumed we were only talking about #3. Per your discussion
>> above, I'm thinking that you also want to document #1 and #2.
>> I think we don't want to replicate #1. is The
>> Bible and there is a larger group working on an update (MPI 2.1,
>> etc.). I think that those documents should stand alone by
>> themselves.
>> #2 is usually covered by existing books and various tutorials on
>> the net. Someone cited the NCSA tutorial, which is one of my
>> favorite to point newbies to, as well. My $0.02 is that we can
>> include some basic examples of MPI programming in this project,
>> but the real focus should be #3: how do you use Open MPI itself.
>> --Jeff Squyres
>> Cisco Systems
>> <rchrd.vcf>
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