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From: Richard.Friedman_at_[hidden]
Date: 2007-09-20 18:18:43

Ok. This really helps. As you can see, my understanding about what's
going on with Open MPI needs refining. I wasn't sure if the MPI world in
general was moving towards Open MPI as being the one-and-only MPI, or if
this was a parallel development (no pun intended).

So I need to mull all this over some more.

My hope is that the MPI Forum folks will come out with a stand-alone MPI
spec that doesn't rely on any previous versions.

I did have a meeting with our local DITA expert here at Sun, and I'm now
re-thinking this as a possible publication environment. It's too early
in the development of DITA for us to rely on, and truly usable tools are
not quite there yet.

My next stop is to look at what the folks at are using
and report back.

More later. Thanks.
> Ah -- I think that there are 3 main topics here:
> 1. Knowledge of the MPI spec itself ("book knowledge")
> 2. Knowledge of how to write MPI applications ("practical knowledge")
> 3. Knowledge of how to use a particular MPI implementation, such as
> Open MPI ("applied knowledge")
> I assumed we were only talking about #3. Per your discussion above,
> I'm thinking that you also want to document #1 and #2.
> I think we don't want to replicate #1. is The Bible
> and there is a larger group working on an update (MPI 2.1, etc.). I
> think that those documents should stand alone by themselves.
> #2 is usually covered by existing books and various tutorials on the
> net. Someone cited the NCSA tutorial, which is one of my favorite to
> point newbies to, as well. My $0.02 is that we can include some basic
> examples of MPI programming in this project, but the real focus should
> be #3: how do you use Open MPI itself.
> --Jeff Squyres
> Cisco Systems