Isn't there precedent with the other BTLs to name them based on the messaging protocol they are supporting instead of some movie character (tcp, openib, shmem, portals, ...).


On 11/17/2011 8:11 AM, Jeff Squyres wrote:
After having to explain to someone at SC for the umpteenth time this week that the "vader" BTL uses the XPMEM transport under the covers, I'd like to put forth an appeal to rename the "vader" BTL to be "xpmem."

Here's my rationale for why:

1. Although we have a history of Star Wars-related names, the "ob1" and "r2" components got their names because they're mainly algorithms that have no obvious name that describes what they do.

2. All other components that tie into some back-end system are named reflecting the back-end system (e.g., tcp, mx, portals, ...etc.).  "openib" is the weakest example, but we all know that it was named way back when OFED was named "OpenIB", and the name has kinda stuck.

3. The BTL name "xpmem" follows the law of least astonishment from the user's perspective.

4. Cute names rarely seem so after 6 months.

I'll even volunteer to do the work to rename it (a bunch of file moves and global search-and-replaces).

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