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WHAT: Add CUDA registration of host memory in sm and openib BTLs.


TIMEOUT: 8/4/2011


DETAILS: In order to improve performance of sending GPU device memory,

we need to register the host memory with the CUDA framework.  These

changes allow that to happen.  These changes are somewhat different

from what I proposed a while ago and I think a lot cleaner.  There is

a new memory pool flag that indicates whether a piece of memory

should be registered.  This allows us to register the sm memory and

the pre-posted openib memory.


The CUDA specific code is in the ompi/mca/common/cuda directory.


Do not look at the configure.m4 code, as that is still not done.


Here a link to the proposed changes:


Here is a list of files that would change.



M       ompi/mca/btl/openib/btl_openib_component.c

M       ompi/mca/btl/openib/

M       ompi/mca/mpool/sm/

M       ompi/mca/mpool/sm/mpool_sm_module.c

M       ompi/mca/mpool/mpool.h

M       ompi/mca/pml/ob1/pml_ob1_sendreq.h

A       ompi/mca/common/cuda

A       ompi/mca/common/cuda/configure.m4

A       ompi/mca/common/cuda/common_cuda.c

A       ompi/mca/common/cuda/help-mpi-common-cuda.txt

A       ompi/mca/common/cuda/

A       ompi/mca/common/cuda/common_cuda.h

M       ompi/class/ompi_free_list.c




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