Point well made, Nick. In other words, irrespective of OS or language, are we citing the need for "application correcting code" from OpenMPI, (relocate a/o retry) similar to ECC in memory?


On Thu, 2011-04-14 at 14:31 +0100, N.M. Maclaren wrote:
On Apr 14 2011, Ralph Castain wrote:
>>> ...  It's hopeless, and whatever you do will be wrong for many
>>> people.  ...
>> I think that sums it up pretty well.  :-)
>> It does seem a little strange that the scenario you describe somewhat 
>> implies that one process is calling MPI_Finalize loooong before the 
>> others do. Specifically, the user is concerned with tying up resources 
>> after one process has called Finalize -- which implies that the others 
>> may continue on for a while. It's not invalid, of course, but it is a 
>> little unusual.
> I'm finding it more common than we thought. Note that I didn't say that 
> one process called MPI_Finalize before the others. In this case, they 
> call it fairly close together, but the individual processes continue 
> running for quite some time, or until they determine that something is 
> wrong and exit with non-zero status.

Nobody is denying that it is common.  Now, what happens when you encounter
a language or compiler that uses return codes for mere warnings (e.g.
ignored IEEE 754 flags, as stated to be desirable by LIA-1)?  Bang!

Remember that C is not the universe and many languages use MPI via the
C interface, but do not let C control their model.

Nick Maclaren.

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