On Mar 23, 2011, at 6:12 AM, Hugo Meyer wrote:

Hello @ll.

I need to store extra information into the orte_proc_t struct, i have added into that struct another field with a default value, but now i need to update that value with a value that i'm storint into the orte_process_info. My question is how i can do this?

You have an error in your code - you aren't pointing to a proc object at all. See below.

I am actually doing this: 
jdata = orte_get_job_data_object(proc.jobid);
procs = (orte_proc_t**)jdata->procs->addr;
procs_rec = (orte_proc_t**)procs[proc.vpid]->node->procs->addr;

Don't do the above - this is what is getting you into trouble. Instead, do this:

orte_proc_t *procptr1, *procptr2;
orte_node_t *node;

if (NULL == (procptr1 = (orte_proc_t*)opal_pointer_array_get_item(jdata->procs, proc.vpid))) {
      return;  /* or whatever */
node = procptr1->node;

for (i=0; i < node->procs->size; i++) {
    if (NULL == (procptr2 = (orte_proc_t*)opal_pointer_array_get_item(node->procs, i))) {
          return;  /* or whatever */
     if (procptr2->name.jobid == procptr1->name.jobid &&
         procptr2->name.vpid == procptr1->name.vpid) {
             /* procptr2 now points at your proc struct, so set your value */
             procptr2->my_value = foo;

Remember, the proc objects are -not- stored in vpid order in the node->procs array, so you have to search that array to find the one you want.


But i don't know how to set my value, and where because i'm only getting now my default initial value.

Thanks in advance.

Best Regards.

Hugo Meyer

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