The comm can most certainly be done - there are other sections of that code that also send messages. I can't see the end of your new code section, but I assume you ended it properly with a "break"? Otherwise, you'll execute whatever lies below it as well.

On Mar 8, 2011, at 8:19 AM, Hugo Meyer wrote:

Yes, i set the value 31 and it is not duplicated.

2011/3/8 Ralph Castain <>
What value did you set for this new command? Did you look at the cmds in orte/mca/odls/odls_types.h to ensure you weren't using a duplicate value?

On Mar 8, 2011, at 6:15 AM, Hugo Meyer wrote:

Hello @ll.

I've got a problem in a communication between the v_protocol_receiver_component.c and the orted_comm.c. 

In the mca_vprotocol_receiver_component_init  i've added a request that is received correctly by the orte_daemon_process_commands but when i try to reply to the sender i get the next error:

[clus1:15593] [ 0] /lib64/ [0x2aaaabb03d40]
[clus1:15593] [ 1] /home/hmeyer/desarrollo/radic-ompi/binarios/lib/ [0x2aaaaad760db]
[clus1:15593] [ 2] /home/hmeyer/desarrollo/radic-ompi/binarios/lib/ [0x2aaaaad75aa4]
[clus1:15593] [ 3] /home/hmeyer/desarrollo/radic-ompi/binarios/lib/openmpi/ [0x2aaaae2d2fdd]
[clus1:15593] [ 4] /home/hmeyer/desarrollo/radic-ompi/binarios/lib/ [0x2aaaaad42cb0]
[clus1:15593] [ 5] /home/hmeyer/desarrollo/radic-ompi/binarios/lib/ [0x2aaaaad19ca6]
[clus1:15593] [ 6] /home/hmeyer/desarrollo/radic-ompi/binarios/lib/ [0x2aaaaad18a55]
[clus1:15593] [ 7] /home/hmeyer/desarrollo/radic-ompi/binarios/lib/ [0x2aaaaad9710e]
[clus1:15593] [ 8] /home/hmeyer/desarrollo/radic-ompi/binarios/lib/ [0x2aaaaad974bb]
[clus1:15593] [ 9] /home/hmeyer/desarrollo/radic-ompi/binarios/lib/ [0x2aaaaad972ad]
[clus1:15593] [10] /home/hmeyer/desarrollo/radic-ompi/binarios/lib/ [0x2aaaaad97166]
[clus1:15593] [11] /home/hmeyer/desarrollo/radic-ompi/binarios/lib/ [0x2aaaaad17556]
[clus1:15593] [12] /home/hmeyer/desarrollo/radic-ompi/binarios/bin/orted [0x4008a3]
[clus1:15593] [13] /lib64/ [0x2aaaabd2d8a4]
[clus1:15593] [14] /home/hmeyer/desarrollo/radic-ompi/binarios/bin/orted [0x400799]
[clus1:15593] *** End of error message ***

The code that i've added at the v_protocol_receiver_component.c is (in bold the recv command that fails):

int mca_vprotocol_receiver_request_protector(void) {
    orte_daemon_cmd_flag_t command;
    opal_buffer_t *buffer = NULL;
    int n = 1;

    buffer = OBJ_NEW(opal_buffer_t);
    opal_dss.pack(buffer, &command, 1, ORTE_DAEMON_CMD);
    orte_rml.send_buffer(ORTE_PROC_MY_DAEMON, buffer, ORTE_RML_TAG_DAEMON, 0);

    orte_rml.recv_buffer(ORTE_PROC_MY_DAEMON, buffer, ORTE_DAEMON_REQUEST_PROTECTOR_CMD, 0);
    opal_dss.unpack(buffer, &mca_vprotocol_receiver.protector.jobid, &n, OPAL_UINT32);
    opal_dss.unpack(buffer, &mca_vprotocol_receiver.protector.vpid, &n, OPAL_UINT32);

    orte_process_info.protector.jobid = mca_vprotocol_receiver.protector.jobid;
    orte_process_info.protector.vpid  = mca_vprotocol_receiver.protector.vpid;


    return OMPI_SUCCESS;

The code that i've added at the orted_comm.c is (in bold the send command that fails):

        if (orte_debug_daemons_flag) {
            opal_output(0, "%s orted_recv: received request protector from local proc %s",
                        ORTE_NAME_PRINT(ORTE_PROC_MY_NAME), ORTE_NAME_PRINT(sender));
        /* Define the protector */
        protector = (uint32_t)ORTE_PROC_MY_NAME->vpid + 1;
        if (protector >= (uint32_t)orte_process_info.num_procs) {
            protector = 0;

        /* Pack the protector data */
        answer = OBJ_NEW(opal_buffer_t);

        if (ORTE_SUCCESS != (ret = opal_dss.pack(answer, &ORTE_PROC_MY_NAME->jobid, 1, OPAL_UINT32))) {
            goto CLEANUP;
        if (ORTE_SUCCESS != (ret = opal_dss.pack(answer, &protector, 1, OPAL_UINT32))) {
            goto CLEANUP;
        if (orte_debug_daemons_flag) {
            opal_output(0, "EL PROTECTOR ASIGNADO para %s ES: %d\n",
                        ORTE_NAME_PRINT(sender), protector);

        /* Send the protector data */
        if (0 > orte_rml.send_buffer(sender, answer, ORTE_DAEMON_REQUEST_PROTECTOR_CMD, 0)) {
            ret = ORTE_ERR_COMM_FAILURE;
            goto CLEANUP;

I assume by testing that the error is in the bolded section, maybe because i'am missing some sentence when i try to communicate, or maybe this communication cannot be done. Any help will be appreciated.

Thanks a lot.

Hugo Meyer

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