Are you using ompi-server for pub/sub, or just letting it default to mpirun?

You might want to output the return value from lookup_name and publish_name to see if they match. If they are different, then you will definitely hang.

On Dec 21, 2010, at 6:41 AM, Suraj Prabhakaran wrote:


This is basically a repost of my previous mail regarding problems with connect/accept and disconnect (*this is not related to spawning, parent/child*).
I *sometimes* find processes blocking indefinitely at Connect/Accept calls or at Disconnect calls. I have an example below.

Process A
    MPI_Comm_accept(... &b_comm);  // -----> (1)
    // Do something1
    MPI_Comm_disconnect(&b_comm);  // ------> (2)
    // Do something2


Process B
    MPI_Comm_connect(... &a_comm); // -----> (1)
    // Do something1
    MPI_Comm_disconnect(&a_comm); // ------> (2)
    // Do something2

In the above scenario, in a perfect case where A reaches (1) without any problems, *sometimes* B blocks at its (1) indefinitely. All arguments passed to both the functions are perfect.
Again, *sometimes* one of them block infinitely at (2) while the other goes on to do the something2. This could only be a problem at the application level only if the one that blocks indefinitely is always the same but it is not so. Sometimes A blocks and B is busy doing something2 or A is busy doing its something2 while B blocks.

Is this a known issue? or am I the only person experiencing this and is clean for others who frequently use connect/accept/disconnect calls?

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