A few comments:

1.  Have you guys considered using hwloc for level 4-7 detection?
2.  Is L2 related to L2 cache?  If no then is there some other term you could use?
3.  What do you see if the process is bound to multiple cores/hyperthreads?
4.  What do you see if the process is not bound to any level 4-7 items?
5.  What about L1 and L2 cache locality as some levels? (hwloc exposes these but these are also at different depths depending on the platform).

Note I am working with Jeff Squyres and Josh Hursey on some new paffinity code that uses hwloc.  Though the paffinity code may not have direct relationship to hitopo the use of hwloc and standardization of what you call level 4-7 might help avoid some user confusions.

On 11/15/2010 06:56 AM, Sylvain Jeaugey wrote:
As a followup of Stuttgart's developper's meeting, here is an RFC for our topology detection framework.

WHAT: Add a framework for hardware topology detection to be used by any other part of Open MPI to help optimization.

WHY: Collective operations or shared memory algorithms among others may have optimizations depending on the hardware relationship between two MPI processes. HiTopo is an attempt to provide it in a unified manner.

WHERE: ompi/mca/hitopo/

WHEN: When wanted.

We developped the HiTopo framework for our collective operation component, but it may be useful for other parts of Open MPI, so we'd like to contribute it.

A wiki page has been setup :

and a bitbucket repository :

In a few words, we have 3 steps in HiTopo :

 - Detection : each MPI process detects its topology at various levels :
    - core/socket : through the cpuid component
    - node : through gethostname
    - switch/island : through openib (mad) or slurm
      [ Other topology detection components may be added for other
        resource managers, specific hardware or whatever we want ...]

 - Collection : an allgather is performed to have all other processes' addresses

 - Renumbering : "string" addresses are converted to numbers starting at 0 (Example : nodenames "foo" and "bar" are renamed 0 and 1).

Any comment welcome,
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