There is a typo in my previous posting. I have configured OpenMPI library with “—with-ft=cr”.




From: Ananda Babu Mudar (WT01 - Energy and Utilities)
Sent: Monday, August 23, 2010 11:50 AM
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In the file “mca_base_components_open.c”, following code checks for the components that are checkpointable. If I configure OpenMPI library with “—enable-cr” option, I was under the assumption that all components will be checkpointable. However I see that quite a few components are not checkpointable and that list includes “Shared Memmory (sm)”. Do I have to add any other options to “configure” command so that all components are checkpointable? Thanks
 186            /*
 187             * If the user asked for a checkpoint enabled run
 188             * then only load checkpoint enabled components.
 189             */
 190            if( MCA_BASE_METADATA_PARAM_CHECKPOINT & open_only_flags) {
 191                if( MCA_BASE_METADATA_PARAM_CHECKPOINT & dummy->data.param_field) {
 192                    opal_output_verbose(10, output_id,
 193                                        "mca: base: components_open: "
 194                                        "(%s) Component %s is Checkpointable",
 195                                        type_name,
 196                                        dummy->version.mca_component_name);
 197                }
 198                else {
 199                    opal_output_verbose(10, output_id,
 200                                        "mca: base: components_open: "
 201                                        "(%s) Component %s is *NOT* Checkpointable - Disabled",
 202                                        type_name,
 203                                        dummy->version.mca_component_name);
 204                    opal_list_remove_item(&components_found, item);
 205                }
 206            }
 207        }
 208    }



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