Forgive my confusion, but could you please clarify something? You are using ALPS as the resource manager doing the allocation, and then using SLURM as the launcher (instead of ALPS)?

That's a combination we've never seen or heard about. I suspect our module selection logic would be confused by such a combination - are you using mca params to direct selection?

On Jul 9, 2010, at 4:19 AM, Jerome Soumagne wrote:


We've recently installed OpenMPI on one of our Cray XT5 machines, here at CSCS. This machine uses SLURM for launching jobs.
Doing an salloc defines this environment variable:
              The reservation ID on Cray systems running ALPS/BASIL only.

Since the alps ras module tries to find a variable called OMPI_ALPS_RESID which is set using a script, we thought that for SLURM systems it would be a good idea to directly integrate this BASIL_RESERVATION_ID variable in the code, rather than using a script. The small patch is attached.


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