As I said in the previous e-mail, we've recently installed OpenMPI on a Cray XT5 machine, and we therefore use the portals and the alps libraries. Thanks for providing the configuration script from Jaguar, this was very helpful, it had just to be slightly adapted in order to use the latest CNL version installed on this machine.

I have some questions though regarding the use of the portals btl and mtl components. I noticed that when I compiled OpenMPI with mpi-thread support enabled and ran a job, the portals components did not want to initialize due to these funny lines:

182     /* we don't run with no stinkin' threads */
183     if (enable_progress_threads || enable_mpi_threads) return NULL;

I'd like to know why are mpi threads disabled since threads are supported on the XT5, does the btl/mtl require to have thread-safety implemented or something like that or is it because of the portals library itself ?

I would also like to use the MPI_Comm_accept/connect functions, it seems that it's not possible to do that using the portals mtl even if the spawn seems to be supported, did I do something wrong or is it really not supported?
In this case, is it possible to extend this module to support these functions? We could help in doing that.

I'd like also to know, are there any plans for creating a module in order to use the DMAPP interface for the Gemini interconnect?



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