You would install it on the host where you are doing development. Only the eventual OMPI libraries get moved to the target.

On Apr 16, 2010, at 12:11 AM, 张晶 wrote:

Hi Castain
Does “install the autotools under VxWorks” mean install the autotools on the host or on the target ?
Jing Zhang  
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I have not personally tried, but I am pretty sure that you can install the autotools under VxWorks - have you tried to download the latest autotool tarballs and build them?
On Apr 15, 2010, at 9:30 PM, 张晶 wrote:

Hello everyone ,
For the purpose to migrate the OpenMPI to VxWorks ,I have set up a VxWorks development environment with WorkBench 3.0. It is really a good news that the WorkBench supports gnu building tools, bash and some frequently used command like sed ,awd and so on but not the Autotools (Autoconf/Automake) .Once I wonder the configure script file generated under the linux may work well under the workbench shell environment . But it is a frustrate to find when I launch the configure ,it just hang without any prompt .I look into the problem and found maybe the version of the bash in the VxWorks is too low to parse the configure file .
Then I come across the cmake which is used to as building tools under windows for the openmpi. Because of the feature of “cross-platform” ,I think it is possible to use cmake to migrate .Also I found boostcmake project which supports the vxworks gnu compile tools using cmake .
But considering my poor knowledge about the building system (Autotools,cmake,etc),I need some guide and advice to review what I plan to do is a possible .
Thank you in advance !
Jing Zhang  
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