The local rank of a process is computed by looking at all processes on a node from that job. The lowest MPI rank process on that node from that job is given local-rank=0. All processes on the node are given local-ranks in ascending order according to their MPI rank.

The node rank is computed the same way, except that we look at all processes on the node, spanning all MPI jobs.

Consider this example. Suppose we have an MPI application that launches 3 processes on each of two nodes, with ranks assigned on a bynode round-robin basis. Thus, the MPI rank mapping looks like this:

node0:  rank 0, 2, 4
node1: rank 1, 3, 5

The local ranks would look like this:

Node             MPI Rank               Local Rank
node0                   0                                 0
node0                   2                                 1
node0                   4                                 2

node1                   1                                 0
node1                   3                                 1
node1                   5                                 2

Since we only have one job, the node rank of each process would be identical to its local rank.  Now suppose that application does a comm_spawn that launches two processes on node0. The local ranks of the new processes would be 0,1 reflecting their relative position within that job. However, their node ranks would be 3,4 because of the processes already on the node.

We use these values when assigning static ports and processor affinity. Other than that, they have no meaning.


On Apr 7, 2010, at 7:16 PM, luyang dong wrote:

dear teachers:
         In orte_globals.h, there is a data structure.
typedef struct {
    /* index to node */
    int32_t node;
    /* local rank */
    orte_local_rank_t local_rank;
    /* node rank */
    orte_node_rank_t node_rank;
} orte_pmap_t;
And I do not understand what both local_rank and node_rank exactly mean. Is local_rank similar to the rank of MPI Specification. Can you help me? My motivation is to achieve process migration in openmpi, I urgently want to the procedure of launching process.

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