N.M. Maclaren wrote:
On Apr 6 2010, luyang dong wrote:

Regardless of  any mpi implementation , there is always a command named mpirun. And correspondingly there is a source file called mpirun.c.(at least in lam/mpi),but i can not find this file in openmpi. can you tell me how to  produce this command in openmpi.

Er, no.  There are some that I have used that do not have such a
command at all, and some where it is a script in some shell language,
Python or Perl.  I believe that OpenMPI usually makes it a symbolic link
to some other command (orterun or mpiexec), and so do some others.

I believe mpiexec is actually the command specified in the MPI spec which can be a link.  However, the command, in OMPI,  that ends up doing the real business orterun and its base source is orte/tools/orterun/orterun.c.

It's trivial to write a simple wrapper for mpiexec for your own use and
call it mpirun.  Or just create a symbolic link.

Someone else has indicated that OpenMPI intends to set up such a command,
but I am not commenting on that aspect.

Nick Maclaren.

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