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I'm confused by the WDC wiki page, specifically the part about the new ORTE_NOTIFIER_DEFINE_EVENT macro. Are you saying that I (as the developer) have to provide this macro with a unique notifier id? So that would mean that ORTE/OMPI would have to maintain a global notifier id counter to ensure it is unique?

If so, that seems really cumbersome. Could you please clarify?


On Mar 29, 2010, at 8:57 AM, Abhishek Kulkarni wrote:

[RFC 1/2]

WHAT: Merge improvements to the "notifier" framework from the OPAL SOS
    and the ORTE WDC mercurial branches into the SVN trunk.

WHY: Some improvements and interface changes were put into the ORTE
   notifier framework during the development of the OPAL SOS[1] and
   ORTE WDC[2] branches.

WHERE: Mostly restricted to ORTE notifier files and files using the
     notifier interface in OMPI.

TIMEOUT: The weekend of April 2-3.

* SOS development: http://bitbucket.org/jsquyres/opal-sos-fixed/
* WDC development: http://bitbucket.org/derbeyn/orte-wdc-fixed/



The notifier interface and its components underwent a host of
improvements and changes during the development of the SOS[1] and the
WDC[2] branches.  The ORTE WDC (Warning Data Capture) branch enables
accounting of events through the use of notifier interface, whereas
OPAL SOS uses the notifier interface by setting up callbacks to relay
out logged events.

Some of the improvements include:

- added more severity levels.
- "ftb" notifier improvements.
- "command" notifier improvements.
- added "file" notifier component
- changes in the notifier modules selection
- activate only a subset of the callbacks
(i.e. any combination of log, help, log_peer)
- define different output media for any given callback (e.g. log_peer
can be redirected to the syslog and smtp, while the show_help can be
sent to the hnp).
- ORTE_NOTIFIER_LOG_EVENT() (that accounts and warns about unusual

Much more information is available on these two wiki pages:

[1] http://svn.open-mpi.org/trac/ompi/wiki/ErrorMessages
[2] http://svn.open-mpi.org/trac/ompi/wiki/ORTEWDC

NOTE: This is first of a two-part RFC to bring the SOS and WDC branches
to the trunk. This only brings in the "notifier" changes from the SOS
branch, while the rest of the branch will be brought over after the
timeout of the second RFC.

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