Dear all.

Thanks to developers of OPEN-MPI for Fault-Tolerance, I can use the checkpoint/restart function very well for my MPI applications. 
But its checkpoint does not work for my GASNet applications which use the MPI conduit.
Is here anyone else to help me?
I wrote some code with GASNet API (Global-Address Space Networking:    and used MPI conduit for my gasnet application, so my program ran well with open-mpirun. Thus I thought that I could also use the transparent checkpoint/restart function supported by BLCR in Open-mpi. As opposed to my idea, it does not work and show the following error message.
Error: The process with PID 13896 is not checkpointable.
       This could be due to one of the following:
        - An application with this PID doesn't currently exist
        - The application with this PID isn't checkpointable 
        - The application with this PID isn't an OPAL application.
       We were looking for the named files:
1 more process has sent help message help-opal-checkpoint.txt
Set MCA parameter "orte_base_help_aggregate" to 0 to see all help
 0] 13896) Step 53
 0] 15100) Step 53
 0] 13896) Step 54
 0] 15100) Step 54
 0] 13896) Step 55
In my application, the MPI_Initialized() says it is initialized.
Thank you for your reading and have a great day.