The vendor_id and vendor_part_id actually the *remote* values of this  
information.  Shouldn't that go in endpoint.rem_info?

-          Ok, it seems more suitable.


Is there a reason to put the max_inline_data on the endpoint rather  
than accessing it through endpoint->endpoint_btl->device->ib_dev?   
(I'm a little confused on how it is used / assigned -- I could be  
missing something here)


-          The code will be erased; let to the IB driver serve this matter (It is not relevant in the transport level).


What testing has been done to see that this stuff works?


-         We have run the patch with basis tests, and we plan to run with addition tests in the future.


Has an equivalent patch been made for Pasha's ofacm work?

-         It will be made.


Thank you for your remarks.