Hi folks

The following lines were entered into two files by r21739:


ompi_free_list_t mca_pml_base_send_requests = {0};
ompi_free_list_t mca_pml_base_recv_requests = {0};

opal_list_t mca_bml_base_components_available = {0};

Unfortunately, these are not valid initializers as they do not properly init the object definition items in those objects. As a result, you get the following warnings:

base/bml_base_open.c:32: warning: missing braces around initializer
base/bml_base_open.c:32: warning: (near initialization for ‘mca_bml_base_components_available.super’)
base/pml_base_request.c:27: warning: missing braces around initializer
base/pml_base_request.c:27: warning: (near initialization for ‘mca_pml_base_send_requests.super’)
base/pml_base_request.c:28: warning: missing braces around initializer
base/pml_base_request.c:28: warning: (near initialization for ‘mca_pml_base_recv_requests.super’)

We have been through this a few times - what you need to do is figure out a multi-stage bracketed init that correctly sets up the object. I played with it a little, but was unable to meet that requirement as it descends into multiple objects, eventually leading to a "initializer element is not computable at load time".

George - svn says you committed these changes. Could you (perhaps with suggestions from someone out there?) please figure out a solution? Perhaps you need to find an alternative solution to the problem you were trying to solve.